1) Honolua Bay

Honolua Bay offers the best snorkeling on Maui. The reef is huge and spans both sides of the bay. Water clarity is usually very good and there is a huge diversity

Honolua BayHonolua Bay
Honolua Bay
of marine life. Among other critters, we have personally seen: dolphins, cuddle fish, barracudas, green turtles, eagle rays, various eels and about every other fish found around Maui.

The shoreline is rocky and a little more difficult than other sandy beaches on the island. But you will be rewarded with the best coral, sponges, and marine life on Maui.

The hike into Honolua often provides an unexpected adventure. The paved road is about 1/4 mile from the bay. After parking on the side of the road, you will hike through the rainforest to the bay. The trail has very dense vegetation with vines and leaves. Children love to do their best Tarzan imitation. The jungle truly is picturesque.

Map to Honolua

2) Prince Beach

Prince Beach (or that Beach) is our name for the beautiful sandy beach

Molokini from Maluaka BeachMolokini from Maluaka Beach
Molokini from Maluaka Beach
located just before you get to the black sand beach next to Red Hill. This beach is in front of a resort formerly known as the “Maui Prince” and presently known as “Makena Beach & Golf Resort.” This beach has a bunch of local names, so it can be confusing. Maluaka is one of the more popular names. Whatever you call it the snorkeling is usually awesome. There is a very large reef here and there are tons of fish. Although it can be somewhat difficult to find the first time.

To get there, you drive toward Big Beach. If you get to Big Beach you
went too far. You go past Po’olenalena and past Changs. On your way
you will see the Makena Beach & Golf Resort on your right. Go past this. The turn
is your next right which is probably 1/2 mile past Makena
Beach & Golf Resort. Just as the road turns from wide good road into
narrow two lane road (and just as you leave the “resort” areas with
the green grass and enter the desert), you will see a road to the
right (looks like a driveway). Go down this road and park. Then walk a
short cement path to the beach. Good snorkeling is all off to the

Map to Prince Beach

3) Changs Beach

You want guaranteed turtles? Changs has so many turtles that I don’t think we have

Changs BeachChangs Beach
Changs Beach
every snorkeled there without seeing at least one turtle. In fact, one time we saw 10 turtles all at once! We like it so much that we always take guests there.

You can snorkel to the right or left. We recommend going right first. You can snorkel all the way around right to the next beach over (which is Po’olenalena). It is a popular spot for kayakers and sometimes you have more company than you like. Make sure waters aren’t too wavey otherwise it will be too churned up.

Changs can be somewhat hard to find. The pictures below show what the entrance to Changs parking lot looks like. To get there from Kihei, travel approx 1.2 miles past the Fairmont. On your right you will see the Makena Surf sign. Take the next right into a very small parking lot with a white gate. There is a yellow fire hydrant right at the entrance. There are only 6 public parking spots. Follow the path down to the beach.

Entrance to parking at ChangsEntrance to parking at Changs
Entrance to parking at Changs
Entrance to parking at ChangsEntrance to parking at Changs
Entrance to parking at Changs

Map to Changs Beach