Food Recommendations

Our first piece of advice, is to buy everything you can at either Costco or Walmart. The local grocery stores (Foodland, Times Market & Safeway) have prices that are simply obscene. All 3 local grocery stores run specials, but that usually just lessens the sting. Costco and Walmart (both in Kahului) have prices that are the closest to the mainland. We have found that many times it was cheaper to buy the “Costco sized” item than buy a normal size item at the grocery store. If you want to avoid throwing out food at the end of your vacation, take it to the soup kitchen in Kihei. So to reiterate, Costco & Walmart.

Since this is vacation, and you don’t want to spend all your time cooking, we decided to offer dining advice. Eating out in Maui can be very tricky. Just like groceries, everything is more expensive. It is very easy to spend $80.00 or more for a family of four to eat lunch, and have it be terrible. Therefore, we will offer some goods and bads.


  • Kihei Cafe – mixed reviews in our family. Not bad, but not everyones favorite.
  • Cinnamon Roll Fair – (2463 S Kihei Rd) across the street from Kam II. This is a kids favorite. Very tasty but not necessarily low calorie. 🙂
  • Dennys – double thumbs down. Expensive & nasty.
  • Box of cereal and gallon of milk from Foodland. (Personal favorite, but still somewhat pricey).


  • Coconut’s Fish Cafe – best fish tacos EVER.
  • Maui Taco – thumbs up. Good food, relatively cheap prices.
  • Costco – cheapest lunch I know of on Maui.
  • Subway – 2nd cheapest lunch I know of on Maui.
  • Honuloa General Store – good food and prices.
  • Whole Foods – in Kahului. Their deli is EXCELLENT and the prices are decent by Maui standards. Love the Satay Chicken and the Sushi.

Happy Hour

  • Five Palms Beach Grill – 3-7 pm nightly. Good sushi and drink specials. Located on one of the nicest beaches in the world (Keawekapu). Only about 1/4 mile from Kihei Shores.


  • Beach Bums in Ma’alea – great BBQ. Decent prices.
  • Pizza Madness – great pizza & salad and good prices
  • Nicks Fish Market – very good and very expensive
  • Bubba Gumps in Lahaina – kids favorite. Good food, ok prices, fun atmosphere. Located so close to the ocean, you can actually get splashed.
  • Cafe Ole – great food but fairly pricey.


  • Local Boys in Kihei for shave ice – located across from the big whale statue. Cash only (no cards). Anywhere else, and you will be disappointed.
  • Coldstone – good but very pricey